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Free spins, every casino player loves them. That is why we have to write about them. You may or may not know that there are actually different kinds of free spins that casinos can give out to players. Some may appeal more to you than others, which is why we decided to tell you about all the options. So you are well informed before signing up at a casino. This is not a decision you should take lightly as you will probably be spending a lot of time there. You could also choose to become a casino hopper, but that is not advised as you’d be losing out on a lot of benefits.

No deposit free spins

Some casinos offer a free spins bonus even before the player even placed a deposit. All the player needs to do for it is sign up to the casino. He then usually gets around 10 to 15 free spins. These are limited to a game or a provider and need to be used within a certain timeframe. Remember that these free spins usually have higher wagering requirements than other bonuses, since no deposit is required to receive them.

Free spins op speelautomaten

These are special free spins. Free spins op speelautomaten are free spins for the classic slot machines. Not all casinos offer these types of slots anymore. You know, the ones that you used to be able to play at a local coffee shop. Where you would take a seat, have a look at the slot machine in front of you and immediately understand all the rules. Another benefit of this casino slot is that if you win, you always win more than you bet on a round. That is why we think that free spins op speelautomaten are a hidden treasure.

Jackpot free spins

You won’t come across jackpot slot machine free spins in many casinos. It’s actually quite rare. And if you do find them, you won’t be able to win the jackpot on free spins. Especially not if the slot machine offers a progressive jackpot. Even if you were able to, it would be a waste, because you’d never be able to wager that much money the necessary amount of times within the time limit. But they’ll give you a chance to try out the game and many jackpot slots offer great prizes besides the big win.

Casino bonus free spins

The most common type of free spins is the one that you get after placing a deposit. A lot of casinos offer this type of bonus on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, just to reward the loyal players. You can also receive free spins as part of a loyalty program reward or just for temporary promotions. It’s great, because you’ll always be able to receive more. So no matter the casino, keep an eye out for them. Especially for the free spins op speelautomaten. These are our favourites, even though they might be a bit harder to find in a typical casino.